Wednesday, November 11, 2009

so, i am currently working right now. and i just brought back this patient and he was with his wife (who were older) and they were seriously the cutest things. when i brought them back into the room i asked the man:
"so, how has your day been?"
he replyed "oh well what can i say? im still livin life and can still come in here everyday right?"
another thing is the way him and his wife were together. the people downstairs had asked her if she wanted a wheelchair because she was using a cane and she thought 'hey why not' so used it. and her husband just pushed her right along and i guess you had to be there but the way they were together was just priceless :) i think that is the greatest joy i get from my job. when the old couples come in that still have that spark i guess you could say.

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Amy said...

I just randomly ended up on your blog. And I love it! I'm lovin all the pictures. And the music, and just everything! :)