Tuesday, November 10, 2009

this is for the new movie called: pirate radio. i will be watching this for sure when it comes out!

so i've been thinking so much about fashion lately,
well not really fashion as in designing clothes(which is still fascinating to me)
fashion as in photo shoots. this particular photo is from the magazine ELLE.
which i absolutely adore. they have some of the most interesting pictures, and articles that interest me. im actually flipping through one as i type and even their ads catch my eye!
when i go to college i have definitely been thinking about doing a little something with photography. because that is one thing that i really have a passion for. another thing that i think i would love love to do is something with makeup. i love experimenting with makeup.
wow, there are so many things i want to do!
i was thinking so much about this today. i want to go see england, greece, italy, france, australia, and hawaii (those are my main must sees) while im still young. there is also alot of other things i want to experience while im still young. and i keep worrying that i will never accomplish all of my dreams. parts of this jack johnson song (dreams be dreams) reminds me of what im feeling:

she's just waiting for the summertime
when the weather's fine
and she could hitch a ride out of town
and so far away
from that low down
good for nothing
mistake making fool with excuses like
"baby that was a long time ago"
but that's just a euphemism
if you want the truth he was out of control
but a short time's a long time
when your mind just won't let it go

well summer came along and then it was gone
and so was she but not from him
cause he followed her just to let her know
her dreams are dreams
and all this livin's so much harder then it seems
but girl don't let your dreams be dreams
you know this livin's not so hard as it seems
don't let your
dreams be dreams
your dreams be dreams...


adrizzle. said...

oh okay, NOW i understand what you were saying about "pirate bay" and "radio". i was soo confused. but anywho. this doesn't even sound like you wrote it. hahaha.

madi. said...

oh... well surprisingly i did! =)