Monday, January 25, 2010

i thought it was about time...

to share my jonas memories... soo here we go:

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the first five pictures are from 2 1/2 years ago when me, adri and brynne went to california to see them. tickets were 15 bucks and we were second row.
the sixth one is from christmas idol (a talent show in our school) and we actually danced and lipped to a jo bro christmas song in front of the whole school.
the seventh is from my second concert seeing them 2 years ago.
the eighth is our school rock. let me explain: the school rock has been a tradition at spanish fork high school for well ever and student council and all them would always paint it for exciting dates coming up, well we decided that the night of graduation we would go and paint jonas on it.
the ninth is from the jo bro 3d movie.
the tenth and eleventh are from stadium of fire with guest stars: jonas (of course)
and the last is from forrrever ago. before my first concert in cali. i was so young. ahhh!

i stole this video from adris youtube account. she made it a little over 2 1/2 years ago? oh boy its so funny. please watch. especially our "interviews" about them!
doncha just love the picture that is frozen on it? yes thats me. and a huge scab on my knee. annnd singing 'poor unfortunate souls' jonas brother verison of course. and doncha just love adris awesome guitar playing skills?

well there are many many many more pictures and videos but these are just some. i know that this probably bores most of you but i wanted to share something that was and still is a huge part of my life!

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Allison said...

That's hilarious! I absolutely love those brothers, too, and I can't help but wonder at how FAR they've come. I mean- 15 dollar tickets?? Now they're in the hundreds! :D LOVE IT!

Karina said...

This post made me so happy. :))))

I love them so much. I totaly get it, they're a huge part of my life too. :)

I'm seeing Nick J and the Admin this Saturday!!

Madi Rose said...

i love how both the peace signs on the beach pic and sign from the cali concert are drawn wrong. silly sixteen year olds.
yo. thats illogical. i cant have it.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I can't see the video....

All I can do is :::Smile:: :) They were a pretty cool band while they still Kevin's married, Joe should come out with an album (would be COOL!) and Nick should just NOT. That is NOT be in the Adminstration (I'm I spelling that right?) I mean they're just ok. I've always liked the songs; Much Better & Paranoid.

Namby Pamby Dribble said...

I've never really listened to the Jonas brothers. I can understand how much you like them though. It's the same with me and Paul McCartney haha
I really like your blog xxx

adri. said...

ohhh my gosh. i haven't watched that video in forever. its funny because you can tell you didn't really wanna be in the video. haha :) and uhhh, both those peace signs that were wrong, i drew. crap! freakin' a, i miss those jonas boys. we need to see them NOW. ohh madi i love this post. you're right- it did give me chills :)

Abby Kihano said...

okay... maybe im not a BIG fan of the jonas brothers but i secretly like them. LOL! don't ever tell that to m best friend though. lol. oh man.. that reminds me ... shes gonna see nick jonas in concert on thursday O_O

oh my gosh... guess what... i was looking for never been kissed at the video store but they didn't have it :[ im so saddddd.

also, thank you for the comment. i realized that "babysitting" can be a career... well with what you said.. the daycare and all. thank you so much. that cheered me up ^_^

also, i love metro station! they're a good band :]