Friday, February 5, 2010

gotta find your inner strength.

if you cant then just throw life away.
gotta learn to rely on you.
beauty, strength, and wisdom too.
you're beautiful inside and out, lead a great life without a doubt.
don't need a man to make things fair, cause more than likely he won't be there.
listen girl, gotta know it's true. in the end all you've got is

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LaLa said...

i love this and it's right on point! We have to be our own happiness before anyone else can join in on it! Remember everything gets better just believe in YOU! ox have a good weekend!

adri. said...

hilary duff. she's actually quite inspiring! ha. i like this post a lot.

Karlie Beth said...

Perfection. Love it <3<3

Karina said...

I seriously love her.

This quote is amazing.