Sunday, February 21, 2010

iLove it.

im somewhat (not really) embarrassed to tell you. i love iCarly.
it seriously is hilarious. i love how they change names for things. like: pearpod (ipod), insideout (in-n-out), zaplook (google), ect!

also, me and adri went to ihop tonight because we felt like it. annd i got nutella crepes!
nutella and crepes put together?? amazing!


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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Madi,

Icarly? Nope, not for me. And is Nutella really good? I've been wanting to try it, but never have...well, it's on my mind now. Oh and when you get a chance a good movie to check out is "The Freedom Writers" IS good!!! Hope your Sundays mad rad :)

Rachel Ava said...

how do you post a video on here? xx

buttons said...

i had those nutella crepes JUST the other night...SO freakin good.

LaLa said...

I love love love icarly too haha such a guilty pleasure! But I'm not ashamed I actually watch a lot of Disney and nick shows still hahah and could you believe I've never had nutella before... smh I know.

Jenna said...

haha i love i carly. i always keep watching it after the kids i babysit go to bed.

Castor said...

Nutella, food from the Gods!!!!!

Thyda said...

I looooooove Nutella! I can sit there and eat a whole jar by myself. I know that sounds gross, but its so good. I actually sneak tablespoonfuls after meals! LOL