Friday, December 25, 2009

happy christmas.

this is my cousin brantley. it wasnt taken on christmas, but because he is one of the cutest babies ever i figured it would be ok :)

getting woken up and dragged upstairs at eight o clock in the morning.
oh the christmas memories. at least it wasnt six o clock this year!

this would be one of the shirts i got my sister this year!

so this year, santa gave me: the jeans above, scrubs seasons, house seasons, a world map and a few other odds and ends.
my christmas eve was pretty awesome. my family is so crazy and loud. on both sides.
the holidays are really the best time of year. thats for sure. well besides summer of course.
(imma summer gal.)

what did you guys all want/ get for christmas??


Anonymous said...

love the shirt for yur sister..i need that for my cousin. wher did yu get it?

madi dearest said...

thank you dear! spencers. its at the mall.