Monday, December 28, 2009

huge let down.

i just spent almost four hours finishing this book because i had to. i couldnt take the suspense.
and it had the worst ending ever! (well to me) and i dont know about you but i dislike books like that greatly. then i got this spark of hope because there is a second buuuut i read the back and little things here and there and realized that it would not include in that second book any of the things i was so angry about.
books with endings like this make me feel horrible.
im distraught.


hannah joel said...

Aaack, I completely agree. Sensational book, bad ending. Bah.

JMay said...

What a bummer, I hate that!

That's how I felt last night when I watched Revolutionary Road.

I like your bookshelf!

buttons said...

you should read the glass castle...soooo so so good.

DT said...

me too! i just can't take such books