Sunday, December 13, 2009

my saturday summed up in pictures.

we were putting up christmas decorations at my house last night and i found this box full of these well, things.
i asked what they were and my mom said "pickled people."
she told me how she made these the first year her and my dad were married cause they didnt have any christmas ornaments.
i just thought they were the funniest things. cause she took the time to make all of them :)

this little guy is another one of my moms many decorations.
my dad hung it above our table and actually thought it was cute hahah.
i dunno why but last night i found it hilarious!

spark chirstmas cocktail party.

let me tell you, it was a blizzard last night. i couldn't see while driving more than five feet in front of me.

song of the day: winner takes it all- abba


Carmella said...

haha, those pickled people are too funny!
are they made with hose? i sooo have seen them before!!
i dare-say my mom has actually made something like that.

madi. said...

yes they are actually made from hose! haha!

JMay said...

Omg, those decorations are adorable!