Sunday, March 14, 2010


im sorry fellow bloggers. i have been so bad with my blogging and postings :( i hope i haven't lost all of you! i just work so much then cant think of something to post. only when it comes to me!
just know i haven't forgotten you!
will post soon. much love.


please forgive me?


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Madi :)

Nope, still wit cha :) Hope all is well! Have a groovy day :)

LaLa said...

Madi! I've missed you but I'm still here, I totally understand!

ps. don't forget to look at the award I passed to you :)

can't wait to hear from you soon!

Mike Lippert said...

I feel your pain. Right now it's coming up to exam seasons which means I have a lot of projects all due within the next couple of weeks which leaves me basically no time to write anything meaningful. It sucks.

missy. said...

you have been forgiven. only because i def can relate. turn that frown upside down lady. you are too beautiful to have a sad face.

Jenna said...

there you are!!! :] pop on over to me.. i haven't heard from you!

Thyda said...

I'm late on my postings also. OH... and my readings too (obviously)! :)