Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunshine award!


i was given this award from simplest form of an elle (lala). she is amazing. stop by her blog, you wont regret it!

annd i have to say my favorite sunshine activity.
(doesn't this really fit with my blog?! hehe)
-my favorite thing would for sure have to be anything to do with swimming.
tubing, boating, tanning, jet skis, jumping into water from high places ect. (i wanna learn how to wakeboard this summer.)
oh my. just talking about it makes me start craving summer all over again!

i pass this amazing blog award to (drumroll please.)
-missy from oh missy me..


Abby Kihano said...

ahh! its been a while since ive commented anyone! O_O it feels nice to be back..

wake boarding sounds so much fun right now. and the thought of summer just makes me wish it that the sun is up all the time! i need the summer to start already!!! O_O

and congrats on the sunshine award! you totally deserve it!! ^_^

Jenna said...

you're making me want to go to the lake really really bad!

Thyda said...

awww honey... you are too sweet! thank you (and sorry for such a late one, just catching up).

hmmm... who should i pass this award to? lets see...