Tuesday, March 2, 2010

photobooth tuesday?




i was bored today, so i figured i'd mess with my mac.
there is a little preview of my tattoo (not a very great angle, but oh well.)

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Tuesdai Noelle said...

Aha, cool. I'm skipping American Idol, for some reason, this year is BOR-ING....for the most part.

Allison said...

Your tat is absolutely adorable.

and so are you!

buttons said...

I still can't believe you got a tattoo! It looks so cute.

LaLa said...

haha so lovely! :D

ps. I hope you plan on joining in on my 'love your body' month! <3

Thyda said...

LOL! Photobooth is one of the main reasons why I went MAC and won't go back! LOL

Berlin said...

New post =)

Beardall Family said...

Madison Rose...I'm very disappointed that you put a tattoo on your beautiful body. Very sad day.