Wednesday, March 24, 2010

current music obsession.


its so random. because i used to just like country. but lately i have been loving it!
jason aldean is one of my favorites! if you are a fan of country (most arn't) look up these songs by him:
-big green tractor
-wide open


MC said...

I love Jason Aldean! I've loved him since "Amarillo Sky!"

LaLa said...

I've always had a thing for men in cowboy hats lol seriously tho haha


ps. I left you something on my blog! GO SEE !! :) --you've been awarded--

Happy Thursday!

Jessica said...

love love love Jason Aldean. I've seen him in concert half a dozen times and I can't wait to see him again this summer!

my all-time fav JA song? This I Gotta See. I could put it on repeat all day and not be tired of it. love. love. love.


missy. said...

i LOVE big green tractor! such a good song